Color Select Santoku Knife 165mm


Mainly used by professional chefs, a properly used kitchen knife can enhance the flavor of your dishes and prevent odors from transferring to other foods. To make it easier to use knives effectively, we offer five different colored handles. The pear-shaped handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, with its simple yet user-friendly design.

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Product Description

Handle materials
Color Select knife handles are made from soft zeras, which is Mitsubishi Chemical’s homo-poly plane resin. This material is commonly used in medical applications due to its excellent heat resistance and shock-absorbing properties. You have the option to choose from five different colors: red, black, yellow, blue, and green, allowing you to match the handle to your choice of food.

Heat treatment: Sub-zero process
Sub-zero process is the special treatment to make knife so hard and tough enough to be unbending and sharp by cooling it to less than minus seventy degrees.

Additional Information

Blade Length



homo-poly plane resin

Blade Material

1K-6 molybdenum vanadium stainless steel

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