Saya for Zuiun Bunka knife


Seki Kanetsugu black lacquered sheath Saya for Zuiun series Bunka knife. Black Lacquer Saya is made of Magnolia wood. Since the Heian period, Magnolia wood has been used for sayas for its moisture-resistance and soft nature that won’t scratch delicate blades. Each sheath has a protective coating to enhance beauty and assure durability. For safety, a pin is used to keep the blade and sheath in place. *There is a possibility that the saya cover does not fit your knife. Because the actual thickness and size of the knife may be different from each other even if their indicated blade size in the specification looks the same. This saya is 100% fits to Seki Kanetsugu Zuiun Bunka. About models of other manufactures, please, ask our consultants.

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