21 Excel Utility Knife


Kanetsugu 21 Excel series knives are made from 1K6 stainless steel by Daido Steel company. The knives from this series have a serrated blade. Blades of this type stay sharp for up to five times longer than the blades of usual knives. Because of a different cutting principle, these knives easily cut through products that have a thick outer layer, but are soft inside.

The handles of the Kanetsugu 21 series knives are made from laminated wood – thick slabs of this material are impregnated with resin using high pressure and are then pressed into a monolithic package. This makes the handle resistant to humidity and high temperatures.

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Product Description

Kanetsugu 21 Excel series knives are the perfect choice for those who do not want to spend a lot of time to sharpen the knife regularly. The blades of these knives have to be sharpened from one side only – the side that is not serrated.

Additional Information

Blade Length



Black laminated strengthened wood

Blade Material

Molybdenum steel

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