KnifeYouLike Sharpening System + PRO-M Knife Set

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Product Description

KnifeYouLike Sharpening System

Consists of:
  • Two ceramic sharpening rods (fine and coarse).
  • Three angle guides for sharpening Rod. 30°, 35° and 40° angle guides. All indicated angle sizes are ‘included angles’. That means that if you sharpen a knife at a 15 degrees from one side, ‘included angle’ is marked as 30 degrees.
    Compatible with:
    Full flat V-Edge kitchen knives up to 3mm spine
  • Two silicon caps do not allow angle guide to slip off the rod while sharpening and protects it from breaking in case it would fall.
  • Two synthetic caoutchouc rubbers for rod cleaning.
  • Turn over the box lid to find 4 small oaken pieces glued to it. Slide the blade on one of the oaken pieces to remove the burr after using a coarse rod.
    The lid, once turned over, also have leather strops for removing even the smallest burr after usage of a fine sharpening rod for exceptional sharpness.

2-pc. Knife Set (PRO-M Santoku 170mm and PRO-M Utility 130mm)

The blade is made of Molybdenum alloy high carbon stainless steel. It is heat treated and then Sub Zero quenched which refrigerates the blade to 70 degrees for longer edge retention and strength to brittleness and chipping.

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