NEW CERAX CR-3800 Two-Sided Whetstone


A combination of grit 1000 and 3000 enables you deal with vary materials from stainless steel to steel for medium and final sharpening.

※Whetstone cleaning stone is included.

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Product Description

NEW CERAX Size 3 Two-Sided Whetstone is a versatile whetstone for household use. Also, perfect for those who want to have minimum must-haves. Storage cases for CERAX products can be used as a handy water tank for sharpening and suitable for household use. Please try our products for your various knives from kitchen knives, carpenter’s tools to hatchet.

Additional Information


Two-Sided Whetstone #3000 Yellow/#1000 Blue(WA)

Whetstone Size

1183×63×13 / 183×63×15mm

Package Size




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