PRO-S Utility Knife (150mm)


Japanese knives from Kanetsugu, the legendary Swordsmith in Seki started in the Teiwa period (1345-1349). The tradition and ancient technique have been passed down generations to generations for over 660 years. Mr. Mitsuyasu Kawamura, the current generation and owner of Kanetsugu developed knives that bring ancient Katana sharpness to modern Chef’s knives through tradition and high technology. We are now ready to deliver these amazingly sharp knives, and would like you to experience the real Katana sharpness.

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Product Description

This is mainly for professionals. Designed along Ergonomics so you won’t feel tired if you use it for hours, and its rounded form gives you soft impression. It’s finished integrated with the elegant line from the blaze to the handle. The Japanese-katana-like slit on the handle prevents your hand slipping.
Integrating the rim with the blade, no crack exists between the handle and the blade, which means that water etc. never soak into. While existing knives use metal parts inside the handle and it’s likely to rust soon, stainless on PRO·S won’t go bad so fast.
All-around stainless gives you some cool image. It’s so grippy and it fits your hand like Japanese katana because of asperity put on the center of the handle. Since stainless is rust proof, you can sterilize it by boiling or wash it by the dishwasher.

Additional Information

Cutting Edge Length


Total Length


Blade Thickness


Blade Width


Handle Length


Total Weight


Blade Steel

Molybdenum stainless steel



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