Miyabi Isshin Utility Knife 12cm



Three-layer stainless laminate in plates of SUS410 steel and core of harder AUS-8 (Aichi Steel Co.).

Knife is made in Japan, at facilities of Kanetsugu using manual works and high precision CNC machines.

Hardness of cutting edge 57HRC.

Thickness about 2 mm in thickening.

Descents of the blade symmetrical, in european style.


Made from Rosewood with impregnation that prevents swelling and extends the service life.

Tree is more pleasant to the touch and has a lively non-repeating noble pattern.

The middle handle, with a convenient geometry, normally fits in both the female hand and the large male palm.

Balance a bit ahead.

It should be noted that knives with a handle made of wood, despite the high-quality processing, are not designed for washing in dishwashers and sterilization, which is sometimes a prerequisite for cafes and restaurants.

For use in industrial environments, we have presented a great series of Kenetsugu PRO-S.

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Product Description

Affordable purchase price will allow you to collect a good cook two or a three knives set, painlessly for a wallet.

Great offer for the start.

The blade is thin, with well-thought-out geometry, and knife itself is comfortable and light.

It will be an economical choice for home cooking or for a novice professional.

Additional Information

Overall length


Blade lenght


Blade thickness


Greatest blade width




Blade steel

Stainless AUS8 57HRC (Aichi Steel Co.) coated with SUS410

Handle material

Natural Rose wood

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